How to build a

Legal, Marketing and Financial

structure for a high performing business.

Level Up Your Business

Business Sustainability Clinic is a platform for business owners to enables you to create proven structure that will ease your business growth.

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Learn from the Experts

Solape Adesuyi

Legal Practitioner

Cyrille Bahmou

Marketing Professional

Temitayo Oguntade

Finance Professional

What is it about?

If you are a Business owner, Business Manager, or Executive with a vision to conduct and manage your business successfully while on the right track with the law by avoiding preventable legal problems also, Attracting a flood of New customers that pay, Stay and refer, then setting up an Accounting system for your business; then you need to attend the Business Sustainability Clinic (BSC). This webinar is designed to empower business owners with a working knowledge to create the structures that will sustain their business.

What you will learn?

Solape Adesuyi

*** What kind of business structure you need for your business idea.
*** How to ensure your partnership works and not work for your partners.
*** Understanding basic contracts and interpreting critical business clauses.
*** Avoiding legal liabilities through contracts and clauses.
*** Securing your business through intellectual property protection tools.
*** Tax matters: Organizing to avoid trouble

Cyrille Bahmou

*** What if everything you've ever been told about growing a business was wrong.
*** Why marketing fails.
*** What happens when you attract instead of chase.
*** The magnetic triangle.
*** Your Magnetic Attraction System.
*** Your Magnetic Conversion System.
*** Your Magnetic Retention System

Temitayo Oguntade

*** What is Accounting and How to set up an accounting system for your business.
***Basics of Financial Statements, structure and interpretation.
***Tax Management and Compliance.
***Basic Control Systems for your Business and Risk Management.

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