Solape Adesuyi

Legal Structure

  • What kind of business structure do you need for your business idea?
  • How to ensure your partnership works and not work for your partners
  • Understanding basic contracts and interpreting critical business clauses
  • Avoiding legal liabilities through contracts and clauses
  • Securing your business through intellectual property protection tools
  • Tax matters: Organizing to avoid trouble
Cyrille Bahmou

Marketing Structure

  • What if everything you've ever been told about growing a business was wrong
  • Why marketing fails
  • What happens when you attract instead of chase
  • The magnetic triangle
  • Your Magnetic Attraction System
  • Your Magnetic Conversion System
  • Your Magnetic Retention System
Temitayo Oguntade

Financial Structure

  • What is Accounting and How to set up an accounting system for your business
  • Basics of Financial Statements, structure and interpretation.
  • Tax Management and Compliance
  • Basic Control Systems for your Business and Risk Management