The Business Sustainability Clinic for SMEs, CEOs and Entrepreneurs is a platform of equipping and empowering business leaders with the required tools that will enable them to seamlessly run their business and make profits. It is our observation that among many other things a business that want to scale high MUST be established on three fundamental pillars. Legal, Finance, and Marketing pillars and that is what this program is all about.


To provide accurate, innovative, and timely business solutions to individuals, corporate bodies, and institutions.


To contribute to the growth and development of businesses by creating excellent, qualitative, and timely business advice.

Business Sustainability

Join us on Thursday, July 27th at 09:00 – 4:00 PM WAT.

If you are a Business owner, Business Manager, or Executive with a vision to conduct and manage your business successfully while on the right track with the law, avoiding preventable legal problems, attracting a flood of new customers that pay, Stay and refer, then setting up a financial system for your business then you need The Business Sustainability Clinic (BSC). This program is designed to empower business owners with a working knowledge to create the structures that will sustain their business.

Winning in business requires that any business owner or business Manager builds the organization on three fundamental pillars: Legal, Finance and Accounting.

Creating structures around these three pillars make any business sustainable over time.

Join Barrister Solape Adesuyi Principal in Chamber of SAA Law who will be shedding more light on issues related to Intellectual Properties and Business Protection, Contracts and Agreement, Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Governance Impact on Business Sustainability and many more. Cyrille Bahmou a marketing professional, CEO of Charis BI the leading Data driven Marketing firm, he will be exploring marketing growth strategies for business owners to always having paying, staying, and referring clients. Finally, Mrs. Temitayo Oguntade a chartered account to explore the depths of finances and tax compliances related issues.

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